fields of practice

fields of practice

"DIMAKIS Law Firm" is specialized in the field of Criminal Law, with special emphasis on Financial Criminal Law. Attorneys of our firm are currently present in major court proceedings regarding economic matters which are being tried before the Athens Court of Appeal and before other Greek criminal courts.Indicatively, our firm has been assigned to handle cases such as the following:

  • Corruption and bribery cases (especially cases of international bribery)
  • Criminal matters of public contracts and related issues of and fraudan fraud by abuse of power 
  • Criminal liability regarding bank crediting and restructuring
  • Taxation Criminal Law
  • Money laundering 
  • Environmental Criminal Law
  • Competition Criminal Law
  • Stock Exchange Criminal Law
  • Cases involving crimes against property (in particular embezzlement, fraud, fraud by abuse of powerand forgery)
  • Extradition Law and European Arrest Warrant Law
  • Maritime Criminal Law
  • Railway Law and Railway Criminal Liability
  • Criminal liability in the context of Air Transport
  • Medical Malpractice Law (civil and criminal)
  • Civil and criminal liability through the press and the media
  • Criminal liability of public and municipal officers and agents
  • Military Criminal Law
  • Criminal issues of Data Protection Law
  • Cases of negligence (accidents in technical works and installations, accidents at work, arsons, etc.)
  • Civil and criminal liability for motor vehicle accidents

Areas of specialization within our practices:Apart from the above, the Firm has a long tradition and experience in the fields of Civil, Labor and Commercial Law, dealing with cases especially before Courts. Special emphasis is given to the following fields:

  • Real Estate Law and contracts relating to property
  • Banking Contract Law and related Legal Enforcement cases
  • Pharmaceutical law
  • Corporate issues and commercial contracts
  • Commercial and business claims adjudication and collection
  • Attorney law and attorney fees 
  • Civil Engineering Law and Civil Engineer fees
  • Any type of Family and Inheritance Law cases

The lawyers of the firm provide legal support as advisors and negotiators for contracts of any kind but also specialize in litigating before all court instances, with a consistent presence before the Greek Supreme Courts (Criminal and Civil Divisions of the Supreme Court of Greece - "Areios Pagos", Council of the State).The firm also cooperates with experts (graphologists, court experts, engineers, doctors etc.) in order to be in position to offer specialized services in all areas of law, judicially or through settlement.

Languages of communication:
English, German, French.